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AC2, Inc. is a global supplier of terminal management systems for bulk liquid terminals and distribution markets. Our experienced and qualified team has been providing innovative and reliable terminal management solutions since 1994. Our business philosophy has always been to provide the right solutions at a cost effective price and back it with the best support in the industry.



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Why Choose AC2, Inc?

AC2 offers a unique value stream methodology for managing bulk liquid product movements, into and out of storage, as well as transloading between vessels. We are not a corporate conglomerate with thinly veiled experience and are sized just right to focus on your business needs with the best terminal automation solution available. We have the industry’s most experienced support staff and provide you with personable friendly and thorough after sales support. AC2 is simply the best!


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TPVisionTM is the latest product from AC2 in the terminal management software line. Featuring updated Windows compatibility and a new sleek look, TPVisionTM will provide the same quality information, but at a more efficient rate.

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TPInventory™ is included with TP6000 Plus and gives you a complete inventory accounting package in order to accurately manage your terminal’s Product, Tank, and Supplier's co-mingled inventory. The system works with either manual input or automatic tank gauges to determine the corresponding inventory as found through TP6000’s tank strapping table.

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The M-Panel is a configurable touch screen display terminal that provides field mounted system access points for data entry and validation. Primarily designed for use in wholesale liquid terminals and bulk plants, the M-Panel is designed to optionally mount in a Class 1 Division 2 classified area.

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TP6000 Plus™ is an integrated suite of real-time information management and terminal management applications including loading control, access security, operation visualization, open reporting, tank inventory and web-enabled modules. These solid core components supply a robust automation system which includes real-time graphic displays, sophisticated data gathering, and reporting.

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 Latest News from AC2

TPVision is Rolling Out in a BIG Way!TM

AC2's Next-Generation System, TPVision, has hit the market and continues to expand AC2's customer base. AC2 is currently deploying the TPVision system at multiple new customer sites, as well as, migrating existing TP6000 sites (AC2's legacy system).(Learn more...)

Apex Oil Embraces the Future: AC2, Inc. and TPVisionTM

Apex Oil has contracted with AC2 to install their next generation terminal management system, TPVisonTM, in their Greensboro, NC, facility. The TPVisionTM rich web platform operates on the latest Microsoft products such as SQL Server®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, and Windows Server. (Learn more...)

AC2 and AltaGas Together Promote a Better, Cleaner Environment

In British Columbia, Canada, AltaGas is using AC2 for automating the propane and condensate truck loading at the St. John’s Gas Plant. Multiple suppliers product is controlled and separately reported using XML. (Learn more...)

Trammo, Inc. Looks to AC2, Inc. for Aid

AC2, Inc. has automated the 3rd plant facility of Trammo, Inc. With the AC2 system, the truck's tare weight is compared against the ordered quantity and automated loading and is limited to the maximum allowed by law and also limited by the truck water volume. (Learn more...)

AC2 Offers Atlas Oil the Solution for Successful Terminal Management

Atlas Oil has automated 5 facilities using AC2's TMS for their transloading operations with the most recent in Greeley, CO. Whether loading rail cars with crude oil or offloading rail cars with biofuels, AC2 manages the workflow with an innovative TMS Rail Car Movements Application. (Learn more...)

European MID EC Certificate Awarded to AC2

AC2 has received their European MID EC certificate for their TP6000 Terminal Automation System. The Compliance Certificate (EC) for MID (Measurement Instrument Directive) is in compliance with the WELMEC and OIML rules.(Learn more...)

AC2 & Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan uses AC2’s TPDX closed loop paperless work order process that allows product shippers to schedule, load and ship product orders using industry standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Load authorization on the new platforms is managed by AC2’s TP6000 Terminal Management System and rack mounted MPanels for driver data prompting. After loading, the driver signature is captured for the BOL ticket via AC2’s BOL signature station. (Learn more...)

TPVisionTM Reaches Finland: NEOT and AC2, Inc. Pair Up

NEOT has contracted with AC2 for the next generation terminal management system, TPVisionTM, at their Kuopio, Finland facility. TPVisionTM manages loading a truck with multiple orders on one rack pickup. NEOT operates a 2 way XML interface with the NEOT Backoffice system with Kuopio and 5 other truck and rail storage facilities. (Learn more...)

NESTE Oil aligns with AC2 to Create Clean Living

NESTE Oil partnered with AC2, Inc. to extend that sustainable philosophy. NESTE OIL has automated their 2nd facility with AC2 in Tornio, Finland. This turnkey project provided rail and truck loading as well as pipeline shipments of propane fuel. (Learn more...)

Promising Future with AC2 & Patoka Partnership

Patoka Terminal Company has contracted with AC2 to provide terminal automation and inventory management at their Illinois Crude Oil offloading facility with 8 truck offloading facility, multiple storage tanks, and outbound pipeline system. AC2 is providing a common automation platform across multiple systems and instruments at the plant. (Learn more...)

Pembina Pipeline Corporation and AC2, Inc. Build Something Extraordinary

Pembina partnered with AC2, Inc., a congruent match in fulfilling this vision. The contract with AC2 for terminal automation is at the Crude Offload facility in Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada. AC2 has developed a two-way interface with Pembina for identifying valid leases that may offload at the facility. Leases are identified via the Canadian LSD GPS ID. (Learn more...)

Our Team

Our experience differentiates us from the competition and will serve you well. Our team has been working together for over twenty years developing, installing, and supporting contemporary terminal management solutions that follow industry guidelines and standards customized for your unique application needs.

We work closely with our customers utilizing this experience to increase performance of assets and maximize return on investment. We use business process and data management technologies in order to provide better information and decision support that can aid in removing cost and cash from the supply chain.

We're one of the few automation companies that are still in business under our original name and have not been bought or sold. When you call us you speak to the actual people who design, install, and support your terminal management system.

Whether you need help deciding which equipement would work best for your application, or how to best integrate new business goals into your current system, have a question about one of our products, or just want to make sure we really are as human as we claim... just call us 1-281-550-9700

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